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"One of the most feared expressions in modern times is 'The computer is down.' " ~ Norman Ralph Augustine

Although I am a Microsoft Registered Partner I've always been a proponent of Open Source Software in certain situations. Basically "Open Source" software is developed in an open community of programmer / developers for the free use by anyone. Yes, I said "Free". There are several software packages available for download on the web.

Open Office is a great example.It can be downloaded Here: http://openoffice.org/ The package has all the features that Microsoft Office has except for Outlook or PowerPoint. It's a great alternative if your budget can't support a Microsoft Office purchase. I do recommend Microsoft Office as a first option however. I pride myself on getting the best deals for all my customers along with the best options your business.

I have 13 years of experience designing, deploying, and servicing networks of all types and sizes. From a single computer to multi-location local area networks utilizing products from Dell, Microsoft, SonicWall, Apple, and have deployed a few Linux networks as well.

I am a member of the Microsoft Partner Network and a Dell Partner. I have certificates in both Microsoft Certified Systems Administrator (MCSA), Network Security (Network+), and a Tech I Control4 Certification. I am also a member of Milwaukee Linux Users Group and the Spiceworks Community.

Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin I worked in finance for 27 years. In 1999 our family moved to Richmond, Kentucky for employment opportunities. I made a life decision in 2003 to change careers. I love working with people, had more exposure to IT work when I was given the task of developing a banks Internet Banking Product. I worked with many tech vendors within the US and abroad and in many cases, the customer service with some of those vendors was impersonal and scripted.

Being a people person and just getting into tech. I decided to start a business in order to support local customers. Giving them personalized local IT help based on need and focused on resolving issues to the satisfaction of the customer in my goal. I started JK Custom Networks in 2004. I provided IT support to several clients including but not limited to a number of Servpro franchises statewide, a network of urgent care offices, daycare centers, and a dental office. I believe it is important to maintain relationships, so I continue to work for some of my customers in Kentucky by remote assistance.

After moving back to Wisconsin in July of 2013, my family and I settled in Muskego and I started Lakeside IT Services. We're happy to be back home again! I believe in personalized customer service and timely local support.

Jerry Kiedrowski, Owner.

In my spare time I like to write and play music with my band Harmonic Maneuvers, I enjoy spending time with my family doing a number of different things. My wife Alissa is a tropical fish hobbyist and has pulled me into the void as well. My son Benjamin is a "Minecraft" fanatic and enjoys making tutorial gaming videos for YouTube.

I look forward to discussing your information technology needs, please feel free to call for a free estimate!