Information Technology solutions for home, small, and mid-sized businesses

Monthly service plans available

Being a small business, we understand the need for cost effective solutions for everyone, regardless of business size. We offer several different monthly service plans tailored to the needs of your business at reasonable prices. The key to a healthy network is prevention. With any of our monthly service plans, basic maintenance is included. From system cleanings to hardware monitoring and software updates, we've got you covered. Contact us today to customize your monthly service plan. 

Network Design

Based on site surveys and customer input, I design cost effective solutions with longevity and redundancy in mind. Secure and reliable access to resources are crucial for a business to succeed whether onsite or remotely without the hassle of jumping through hoops to get the job done. Time is money as the old adage states. A solid network design and procedure will accomplish your goals efficiently. I also prepare acceptable use policies based on customer requirements that will help maintain the security of company data and network hardware.


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cloud computing & Remote Access

For mobile offices remote access is imperative. Whether it's to a desktop at the office, software package on the web, or email mail or your smart phone. I use a number of different cloud computing providers to assist you in reaching your goals for productivity.

Data Backup and recovery

Data integrity is the most important part of your network. Customer files, contacts, pictures, and software packages need to be secured and backed up because a data loss would severely effect or prevent most companies from operating. There are several options that can be considered. Online (or Cloud) backup, local backup, or site to site backup just to name a few. I design backup configurations based on your needs at not services I can sell so you get exactly what you need. I also have the capability to perform basic data recovery and use external resources in the event basic efforts aren't an option. 


I Install the entire network from design, configuration, testing, to final adjustments after your network is fully deployed. I offer all of my customers free of charge, equipment spec outs and TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). I contact manufacturers directly for the best pricing, and specialize in custom system builds for environments requiring more than the standard server or desktop. I use Dell Small Business for all of my equipment purchases unless otherwise directed. Dell Small Business in my experience, has always been reliable, and the customer service is excellent. Once the hardware, software, and peripherals are purchased and fully deployed, I prepare and submit full documentation on the network for company records. This will include asset lists, network addressing and security settings, password files, and backup configuration information.

Summary of SERVICES